Canopy Inspection

To confirm the safety of canopy structure and meet the safety requirement of Building Department, we provide a series of structural test.

Reinforcement Steel Bar Radar Scan (GPRS)
To survey the position and concrete cover of canopies/roof slab canopies main reinforcement steel bars by means of pulsed radar scanner and electromagnetic cover measuring device complying with BS1881: Part 204: 1988. The scanning shall be conducted at the top and soffit of canopies and roof slab canopies with the provision of on-site calibration using data from exposed reinforcement.


100 mm Shallow Core
To carry out at locations close to the root of any canopy/roof slab canopy support under investigation to expose the main reinforcement steel bars. Due diligence should be taken to control the depth of drilling. Under no circumstanced should any reinforcement steel bars be impaired by the operation. The depth of drilling should not be more than half of the slab thickness unless prior permission is granted b the engineers.


Reinforcement Survey
To record the type, diameter, degree of corrosion, extent of corrosion, type of corrosion and sectional loss of exposed reinforcement. The location of the reinforcement surveyed shall be recorded diagrammatically.


Concrete Compressive Strength Test
Compressive strength test of concrete core in75mm dia. (Including capping and photographs)

Half-cell potential
Corrosion of reinforcing steel is an electro-chemical process and the behaviour of the steel can be characterized by measuring its half-cell potential. The greater the potential the higher the risk that corrosion is taking place. An electrode forms one half of the cell and the reinforcing steel in the concrete the other.

Carbonation Depth
A Sample of concrete is obtained by drilling/grinding from the structure, or from the fresh concrete, mixed with extraction reliable indication of the condition of carbonation, i.e. Uncarbonated concrete turns bright pink when using phenolphthalein solution.

20mm Drill Holes
To measure the overall as built slab thickness including top screeding thickness, slab thickness and soffit rendering thickness under investigation.