Flaw Detection

Flaw Detection

Ground Penetrating Radar Survey (GPRS) 
GPRS is a non-destructive testing (NDT) method, which uses electromagnetic impulses to investigate the concrete structure.


The radar works by launching pulses of electromagnetic energy into the structure and measures the time taken for a pulse to travel to and from the target, which indicates its depth and location.

  • Pipes (metallic & non-metallic)
  • Ducting & cables
  • Structural anomalies
  • Road and building foundations
  • Reinforcing bars in concrete
  • Voids
By using ERA SPRscan Ground Penetrating Radar with Frequency range from 2GHz down to 250MHz, signal can be penetrated into 4m depth.

Ground Penetration Radar on the Tunnel Lining:

(Picture 1) – Sample signal of void and reinforcing bars

(Picture 2) – Survey work done on the tunnel surface

Ultrasonic Test
Principle & Application
Measuring the through-going transit time of a sound wave in concrete elements with known thickness allow estimation of the concrete velocity and the modulus of elasticity.

Alternatively, concrete uniformity can be evaluated as well as presence of cracks, cavities and damage from fire or frost.
The set-up of Ultrasonic Test

Site Test