Infrared Electrical Inspection

E & M Inspection & Monitoring Division

Infrared Electrical Inspection (IEI)
Infrared Electrical Inspection (IEI) is the most reliable preventive measures which can spot out the defective components accurately before downtime occurs and monitor your E & M components continuously and periodically.

Normal component gives uniform temperature or gradual temperature change along the line. But an abnormal component gives localized high temperature.
Electrical engineer can check the system based on the temperature level to identify the condition of the component whether it works properly or not.

  • Inspection and Predictive Maintenance of switchboards, MCB, MCCB,BBC, switchagears, cablerisers and busbars
  • Inspection of transmission cable tower
  • Inspection of motor bearing

Loose cable connection found in a SMSB system


Busbar Connection