Mandatory Buidling Inspection Scheme (MBIS) / Mandatory Window Inspection Scheme (MWIS)

BDC has a good reputation and a capable team of engineers and specialists who have over 15 years of experience and the expertise in diagnosis and testing techniques. With the use of advanced equipments and techniques, we provide professional, efficient and effective inspection services.

To meet the requirement of MBIS and MWIS enforced by Buidling Department, our company is now provideing one-stop-shop consultancy and detection services.


Buidling Inspection and Report,
Preparation of Repair Proposal and Cost Estimation

Tendering Preparation Contract Administration,
Site Supervision and Projection Management

MBIS/MWIS included:
  1. External Wall Survey - Rapid Infrared Thermographic Survey, Hammer Tapping Test
  2. Canopy Inspection - Open-Up, Carbonation
  3. Structure Diagnosis - Pull-off Test, Rebound Hammer
  4. Water Seepage Detection - Microwave Moisture Detection, Fluorescent Dye Test 
  5. Utilities Mapping - Cable Detection, Ground Penetrating Radar Survey
  6. CCTV Survey
  7. Aluminum Window inspection - Ultrasonic Leak Detection
  8. Professional Consultancy Service - RI, RSE, AP, RGE